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Q: Can I rent a Luggage trailer?

A: Yes, We can hire you a Fully enclosed Luggage trailer, Please give us a call or make an enquiry for great rates.

Q: Do I need a special licence to drive a mini bus or large coach?

A: You can drive any of LTD's 25 seater buses with a LR Licence, Large Coaches from 40 seat to 57 seaters with a MR Licence, There is no special bus licence required to drive these coaches.

Q: Can I bring back my hire vehicle after you have closed?

A: LTD offers after hours return so you don't have to come in early the next morning after that big move or wedding celebration.
You are still fully liable for the vehicle untill it has been checked in by a LTD representitive. LTD will check in the vehicle the next morning and refund any monies owing back to the customer.

Q: What do I do if I have an accident?

A: Customers must contact LTD as soon as possible to report any accident or damaged sustained to any vehicle involved in an accident. Make sure that you get as many details as possible from any third parties (Photos of drivers licence, Damage, phone numbers of people involved and address where accident happened) Report to LTD and come in and complete an accident report form. We can attach this to your rental agreement in case of any further enquiries regarding the accident. 

Q: Do I need a credit card to rent a LTD Vehicle?

A: LTD Requires a bond on a credit card or Visa/MasterCard debit card of $500 for utes, vans, 3 Tonne Trucks, 12 Seat buses and 25 seat Buses. A $1000 bond for 6 Tonne Trucks, 8 Tonne Trucks, 40 Seat Buses and 57 Seat Buses.

Q: Do you charge my credit card on pickup?

A: We will Charge the rental amount + bond at time of pickup. Bond money less any additional charges will be refunded back to the credit card on check-in of the vehicle.

Q: Do I need to pay for my Tolls?

A: Vehicles are all fitted with a tolling device and are handled by a 3rd party company (RMS) below are step by step instructions on checking on your toll charges. 
 Step 1 : log into web address www.myetoll.com.au
Step 2 : select “renting a vehicle and select LTD Bus and Truck
Step 3 : follow prompts to check charges.
 In the search fields you will need the rental agreement number and the Last name of the renter.
Because of the tolling company being based in NSW there will be a delay in receipting collected tolls, this could take up to 30 days.
All tolls are charged at current toll rate + $3.30 per day of travel.

Q: What will i get charged if I don't bring back the vehicle full of fuel?

A: Unlike other rental companies LTD does not charge any extra for refuelling a vehicle. LTD only charges current service station rates.

Q: Can I drive a truck on a car licence?

A: Yes, We have 3 ton trucks that you can drive with just a car licence. All automatic and diesel.

Q: Can I pick up my passengers from Airports?

A: Yes, All LTD buses are registered ground transport vehicles with Brisbane and Gold Coast Airport. There are fee’s associated with using these services.

Q: How do I book a vehicle?

A: you can book online NOW or give us a call. EASY !

Q: How long does it take to get my bond money back?

A: Credit card bonds are refunded back to our customers the as soon as the vehicle is checked in by a LTD representative, however your bank can take up to 4 working days to clear the money back into your account.
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